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"This crash pad is a true gem. Less than a 15 minute walk to terminal 3. Plenty of places to kick back and relax. Open kitchen with multiple fridges. And most importantly large and comfortable bunks with privacy curtains - I sleep like a baby here. If you commute into Vegas, this is where you want to be." -Daniel D. F9 Pilot

"Pilot-Perfect Crashpad Near LAS Airport -

If you're a pilot looking for a top-notch crashpad near Las Vegas Airport (LAS), this place is a must-see. Here's why:

Cleanliness: This crashpad is spotless, ensuring a comfortable and safe stay. (serviced weekly)

Management: Zach is professional and attentive, addressing your needs promptly.

Kitchen: Plenty of refrigerator room to store your in-flight snacks and meals.

Pool: Relax by the pool, a great way to unwind after long flights.

Good Atmosphere: The camaraderie among fellow pilots makes this crashpad feel like a second home.

Shopping: There is a Walmart Supercenter just a few blocks away and a few food places.

Proximity to LAS Airport: It's within walking distance, so no airport traffic or hassle. Usually a $8-10 Uber if you choose.

In short, this crashpad is a commuter pilot's dream, offering cleanliness, convenience, and a fantastic atmosphere. Highly recommended for fellow commuters."

Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

-Jeff O.

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